Must-Have Remodeling Tips For A Cozy And Functional Living Room

Lillian SteinBy Lillian SteinDec 4, 20170
Must-Have Remodeling Tips For A Cozy And Functional Living Room

We’ve been at it again. We rearranged the bedroom in our fifth-wheel the week after we purchased the trailer and now, a few years later, we have remodeled the living room.

Our reasons for changing the bedroom were to gain more space and storage; by turning the bed so the head is against a side wall instead of against the front, we made space for a chair and bookcase. We remodeled the living room also to gain more storage space and to provide a better work area than that afforded by the factory-installed extension table.

Perhaps what we did will give you ideas. Here are some tips to follow:

Remodeling Tips For Living Room

Remodeling Tips for Living Room

  • We decided we would look for a chair first, since it was the most important piece of furniture and, being larger than the old one, would determine the size of the storage unit that would replace the table.

  • We looked at RV chairs and, as we expected, found nothing that would work for us. Regular furniture stores also yielded nothing we considered suitable.

  • When we were in an office supply store for another purpose, we finally found the right chair. It is an “executive” chair with a high back and arm rests, and doesn’t look like an office chair.

  • The unit to replace the table, which would fit in the table’s space on the back wall of our rear-living room trailer between the chair and existing sofa, was harder to find. We considered and rejected video-cassette storage units, various types of desks, end tables with storage compartments even toy chests.

  • We had almost resigned ourselves to building what we wanted when we hit upon using a bathroom vanity. These are available in many finishes and sizes and, with their drawers and compartments, have a variety of storage arrangements.

  • We selected a model that looks more like a chest than a vanity. It’s oak, so it matches the woodwork in the trailer. It has two doors on the bottom storage section and what appears to be a full-length drawer above.

  • We had already replaced the original cabinet hardware in our trailer with hardware that didn’t have to be purchased from the trailer manufacturer or an RV-supply store, so it was no problem to find matching hardware for the vanity. Cutting off the bottom four inches, which was indented for toe space, made the vanity just the height we needed and removed any vanity resemblance.

  • In the storage compartment, we installed a full-width shelf to better utilize the space for our particular storage needs. Where the lavatory basin would normally be behind the false drawer we put in a “floor,” creating a storage area that is accessed by lifting the cover. Because anything on top must be removed before the cover can be lifted, we store little-used items in this place.

  • So the vanity won’t slide out of place during travel, we anchored it to the trailer floor with several screws.

  • To replace the lost work area, we constructed a small fold-up table, using some more of the table top. It is attached to the wall behind the chair. Unlike the other table, this one is not set up unless we need it for working. When it’s not set up, it’s concealed by the chair.

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