How To Use Your Home Space Before Buying Furniture

Lillian SteinBy Lillian SteinDec 4, 20170
How To Use Your Home Space Before Buying Furniture

I am having my first home built, a 1,500-square-foot bungalow. I will buy all new furniture for the living room. My dilemma is the placement of furniture in the living room. It will be the primary area for entertaining.

The carpeting in the living room will be dusty rose and the adjoining dining room will likely have oak hardwood flooring. Later, I may consider French doors between the two spaces. I live alone and have no children.

In here, you will discover how you can utilize your space before you buy furniture.

How To Furnish A New Home

How to Furnish a New Home

When furnishing a new home, it’s best to begin by determining how you will be using the available space. Since you live alone, there are several assumptions that can be made about your lifestyle. If I were to arrange the functions for the living/dining room area by their priority, or frequency, I would assume that the list would be as follows:

  • Relaxing to unwind

  • Television viewing

  • Entertaining

  • Formal dining

Important Tips To Use Your Home Space Efficiently

Important Tips to Use Your Home Space Efficiently

  • Since formal dining is the lowest priority on the list, it seems wasteful to reserve more than a third of the available space to this function. I have moved the formal dining area to the rear of the huge, 20-foot-long living room. What was once designated as the dining room could be transformed into a relaxing entertainment area. Here you might find the television and other electronic entertainment equipment, two large chairs with ottomans for maximum comfort for reading or television viewing, along with a writing desk for any work you may wish to do at home.

  • The dramatic half-octagon shape of the front portion of the <living room calls for special furniture arrangement. While it won’t be easy to find, look for an angular sofa to match the shape of the bay window. If it’s within your means, you might consider having one built.

  • Completing the conversation configuration, one or two wing back chairs divide the space into the living and dining areas without visually shrinking the room.

  • I would recommend that you establish a formal, but eclectic mix for the two spaces. You can achieve this feeling by using furniture of traditional design in rich woods (such as mahogany and cherry), subdued colors and historically based, subtle floral patterns.

  • Mixed within the room should be some simple, modern pieces, such as modern Euro-style lamps or works of contemporary art.

  • The dusty rose carpet should form the basis for the room’s color palette and, if it appeals to you, may set the stage for a complementary color scheme. The walls in both rooms could be painted in a medium sage green. Treat the windows in the bay with a special dramatic touch: Consider a valance and matching drapes in a large, bold floral pattern that features both rose and green shades.

  • The sofa could be upholstered in a textured off-white fabric, and the two wing back chairs might have a similar color, but in a more rugged, cotton fabric.

  • Carrying through with the eclectic theme, the coffee table could be constructed of solid travertine or a shiny marble.

  • A classically styled dining suite should be small scale. Use a buffet instead of a china cabinet to avoid having any tall, massive pieces of furniture in this somewhat narrow space.

  • Since the TV room area is visible from the formal living room, the two rooms should be decorated similarly. Consider an oriental carpet as an anchor in the space. Since the view is clear all the way to the back wall, I recommend that you purchase a traditional style writing desk that complements the living room furniture.

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