How To Make The Building A Strong Foundation

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How to Make the Building a Strong Foundation

ONE of the structural elements in buildings is the foundation. First time building a house, the foundation must be created first. Foundations such as the footing of the building which also determine the strength of the building.

Various types of foundation depends on the function of the building, the building area, building floor number, and location of buildings. It was as if we walk with shoes that have an unstable base. What happened? Certainly it is easy to fall or the spine is painful because the base is not strong, stable, and sturdy.

Here’s how you can make the building with a strong foundation.

How To Make A Strong Building Foundation

How to Make a Strong Building Foundation

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  • This technical language, the foundation is a basic part of the building which aims to distribute the load from above (load building) leading into the ground. Logically, the weight of the building must be capable of being held by the soil surface. Whereas the ability of the soil underneath is very varied, such as clay, hard soil, sandy soil and rocky soil. Then identify the first type of soil on the site, how to conduct an investigation of land, so that the buildings standing on it can be stable and not decline too much.

  • Land at the former site of Rurik swamp contains a lot of water, so it is necessary to use a special foundation models. When forced to use the direct foundation of consistently poor results or bear weight on it is beyond his ability. Treatment different from the hard soil, soil type has a good ability to withstand the load from above. Soil’s ability to carry heavy loads or building (kg) calculated per square centimeter (cm2) or commonly known as the carrying capacity of the soil with a unit kg/cm2.

  • The effects of the ability of the foundation is able to withstand a load on it will be felt after several months of building up or a few years later. The decrease is not the same, because the weight of the house at any point is not the same, as well as to the ability of measures of land which is not uniform. For that we need to aim the beam Sloof binder and for load leveling, so that each point of the foundation has treated the same load.

  • Foundation or foundation failure can not function properly due to excessive reduction in the surface of the foundation and will cause damage to the building structure. Can immediately see and feel the walls cracked, doors or windows difficult to open, and floor cracks.

  • The foundations are divided into two types, namely shallow foundation and the foundation. Shallow depth of the foundation if it has the basic foundation of the land surface less than or equal to the width of the foundation.When the depth of the foundation in the basic foundations of the land surface is more than five times the width of the foundation.

  • The foundation of ordinary residential houses use shallow foundation called directly or spread footing foundation. As the name implies, a spread footing foundation to expand the surface area in contact with the ground. Extending the surface of the foundation is not without reason, its function is clear, namely that the load can be spread to the surface of building a broader foundation. That is, every square centimeter of land carry a lighter load than on the surface of a narrow foundation.

    For example, if a cabinet weighing 100 kg should be shouldered by one person would be more severe when compared with the cabinet will be borne by 10 people, each will carry 10 kg. Easy implementation and shallow foundations are cheaper than in the foundation.

Why Your Foundation Needs Special Technology?

Why Your Foundation Needs Special Technology?

Work on the foundation require special technology, in contrast to shallow foundations. Nevertheless there are several requirements that must be done to make a shallow foundation is a basic foundation to be located on the ground hard. Proletarian surface of the foundation is under the top soil layer containing organic matter. Usually shallow foundation depth is around 60 centimeters to three meters.

Shallow foundation consisting of several types such as continuous foundation and foundation of the palm. Continuous foundations are typically seen as the foundation for the building does not rise.

For the building and not a simple story with a half brick wall, using a continuous foundation with a depth of 60-80 cm. While the foundation of the palm, under the column structure, in which to channel the load from the roof elemental underneath.

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