Factors To Consider In Choosing Indoor Garden Design

Lillian SteinBy Lillian SteinDec 22, 20170

Having indoor garden actually not a hard thing to do, in fact it is easier than you can imagine. You can just choose which part of your house which can be change in to indoor garden and also choose what kind of indoor garden you want. In this article, I will give you interesting tips on how to make indoor garden design and what you need to prepare, check it out.


Can you imagine a beautiful indoor garden in your house? If you already have imagination about indoor garden you want, it’s time to choose the design. But, before designing the park in a space with landscaper,here are several aspects that should never be forgotten, they are:

Factors To Consider In Making An Indoor Garden Design

Factors To Consider In Making An Indoor Garden Design

  • Sun Light

    Any kinds of plants whether it’s inside or outside the house need sunlight for photosynthesis. If it gets a little or less sunlight, it’s going to have problem when processing nutrient or even can’t make it at all. If plants get less or a little sunlight than what it should be their branches and leaves will be elongated and will become yellow colored as well as weak and fragile. To deal with this kind of problem, use lights that able to substitute sunlight.

    As for indoor garden its best if we choose type of plants that only needs not too much light such as: Dracaena, philodendron, aglaonema and moss. As grass replacement for the indoor garden can be used Selaginella species.

    And for lights for substitute sun light, do not use lamp that have very bright. Use lamp that not very bright, and the best choice is led indoor garden lights. It lights are not too bright but not too dim too, so it will be good for the indoor garden plants. Plus its need less electricity and last longer than any other lights, so it will save some of our money too.

  • Drainage System

    As for drainage system, make them first. This drainage system will handle if there is too much water for plants and soil. The simple way for drainage system is by using perforate pipes which channeled into the disposal pit.

  • Watering

    Water is one of the most important parts for plants, but there is something you need to remember clearly. The amount of water that needed for indoor garden plants and outdoor is completely different. Indoor plants only need a little water and only need once per day.

  • Nutrients & Growing Media

    As for planting media, the material that going to be used should have a high porosity, so it’s able to avoid water puddle and preventing fertilizer to be washed away. These are material that can be used as planting media: zeolites, red lavarock, roasted husks, cocopeat.

    Avoid using a planting medium that allows making a puddle because it allows worms or other animals in the planting media.

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