Five Best Tile Saw You Need To Consider In 2018 To Cut Like A Pro!

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A tile saw is structurally built to fit its function. Because of the heat produced during the grinding process, these saws are made specially to utilize water to cool as the process continues. As a result, breakages and cracking caused by friction are minimized or eliminated. It is expected that while cutting things like tiles there will be dust production.

However, in case of a wet tile saw, this is not true as the water neutralizes all the dust. We review here some of the best tile saw, so you can check for yourself and see which one fits your purpose.

Our Best 5 Picks

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5 Best Best Tile Saw

Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw

Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw

Via Amazon.com

Dewalt D24000 Wet Tile Saw has a powerful motor with 1.5 Horsepower. This generates enough power for accurate cuts. It is also packed with a dual water nozzle that effectively cools the cuts during the process and eliminates mist and spray.

It also has a 10-inch blade that is made of diamond promoting its durability and cut through hard obstacles in the tiles. This tool weighs 69 pounds making the transportation easy. It also has a cart system/ cantilevering Rail system that cuts as deep as 18 inches diagonally of a tile.

This Dewalt model has a plunge feature that accommodates swift plunge cuts for A/C registers, power outlets, and much more which results in quick cuts within a short time. There is also an integration of miter feature that helps stops at 45 degrees and 22.5 degrees resulting in accurate work.

It also brags of the ultimate value for money wet tile cutter in spite of being pricey. The tile saw has a thick rolling rubber on the table that helps with slippery tiles increasing safety and reducing breakages


  • The compact design of this tile saw is convenient, and it is quite easy to set up at the job site or home

  • Easy to move around

  • The dual water nozzle saves on water wastage as it is well designed

  • Miter feature that makes angle cuts accurate and relatively quick. The locks are, at 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees

  • Comes with a new innovative thick rubber on the top of the rolling table to prevent tiles from slipping off

  • It can be used by both professionals and handymen


  • After few cuts, it is reported to have lost bearings and adjustments with an increase in howls. (Some think it is less dependent compared to previous models)

  • Due to its failure to cut natural stones, professionals are reluctant to accept it as an industrial tool and instead consider it for home use

  • When handling angled cuts, the machine messes by dripping water and spraying beyond the extension of the tray

SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw

Via Amazon.com

The SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw has a sharp diamond coated 1/8 inch thick cutting blade that is hard and durable. This blade penetrates obstacles in the tiles resulting in accurate and clean cuts and yet leaves minimal mess. It also has a special design table equipped with a hydro-lock system that takes care of water by keeping it contained near the blade.

The Hydrolock has an upper and lower guard for this purpose. It has slides that can be placed on each side of the saw supporting it 18×18 inches. This facility enables the blade to go 1.75 inches farther above the tables The engine is a 5 amp motor with 3600 RPM that drives the saw effectively. It weighs 22 pounds only which is reasonably light and makes it easy to assemble.

The SKIL 3550-02 Wet Tile Saw provides an adjustable rip fence that enables cutting tiles at 22.5 and 45 degrees accurately. The table top is made of aluminum which makes it resistant to rust and durable at the same time. SKIL provides an inbuilt Cord Wrap that eases storage and transportation.


  • Cleanliness after work is exceptional because of the innovative Hydrolock System which contains water

  • Due to its Code Wrap, it is easier to carry around and with a requirement of little water to clean it.

  • The diamond blade works efficiently and can be seen as the saw runs

  • The blade cuts accurately at the stipulated angles

  • Extremely handy for small jobs


  • Fixing and aligning the fence is troublesome which makes the machine unsatisfactory

  • The material used to make the blade guard gets muddled or clouded quickly during use

  • It is challenging for cutting big or rough tiles — not appropriate at the professional level

QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw

QEP 22400Q 3/5 HP Torque Master Tile Saw

Via Amazon.com

The QEP Master Tile Saw is only 8 pounds heavy with a compact structure which makes it easily portable and transportable by a single person. It comes with 3/5 HP high Torque geared motor which is enough power to drive the engine for maximum work while being dependable. It also comes with a 4-inch durable diamond blade. This blade can penetrate ceramic, terracotta, granite, and other tile materials.

The tables can be extended by the 2-side table provisions with 5 inch to the width for the support of larger tiles. Rip/ angle can be fully adjusted for maximum size cuts. The table extensions allow 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees miter cuts with ease.

This Tile Saw has a water catch system that reduces the water runoff and recycles it back into the reservoir making refilling to happen once in a while. It comes in black and yellow color combo which makes it stand out, and it is in fact affordable.


  • Can be moved with ease from one place to another without any difficulty because of its compact nature and lightness

  • Allows angle cuts and does it effectively

  • Very effective for smaller projects

  • Assembling is easy and takes a short time. Does not need experience

  • The cleanup is easy as it does not leave a lot of mess


  • It is not the best if you want a huge project done and need it fast. The machine is slow requiring patience

  • The bottom hole reportedly inconveniences the user when needing to replace or refill the water

  • It does not work well for big tiles

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw With Stand

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw With Stand

Via Amazon.com

DeWalt D24000S Wet Tile Saw with Stand comes with a D24000 saw and a D24001 stand. It is packed with features like a 15 AMP engine that can cut porcelain, stone or tiles with 24 and 18 diagonal inches. This tile saw weighs 69 lbs with a compact saw frame that makes it portable by a single individual. It also has a stainless steel rail system that makes it accurate in its cuts.

This tile saw comes with a plunge feature which allows quick plunge cuts for electrical outlets and A/C registers. The cuts by this saw can be done at an angle of 22.5 degrees and 45 degrees and bevel cuts which can be done quickly because of the head pivots. The cutting facility does not stop at that – it can also cut V shapes and pavers.

The DeWalt D24000S also has adjustable double water nozzles that place water on the blade powerfully to minimize mist and overspray. To keep the water in the pan there are attachments that can be placed on the saw on the rear and the sides to contain water run-off and to catch blade overspray. The price for this product is affordable even with all these features.


  • Provides smooth cuts that prevent breakages of the tiles

  • Performs in such a way that even beginners can cut tiles like professionals

  • Compared to other wet tile saws available, it prevents water spillage better and has a self-watering containment

  • Durable because of the material used to make it

  • Considered the best all-purpose tile saw ever


  • The built-in beaker is reported to trip

  • It has a limited table space that is troublesome when dealing with big tiles

Pearl Abrasive VX10.2 XLPRO Wet Tile Saw

Pearl Abrasive VX10.2 XLPRO Wet Tile Saw

Via Amazon.com

Pearl Abrasive VX10.2 Wet Tile Saw is 84 pounds heavy with a compact design which makes this product portable and easy to transport. This tile saw also comes with a fan cooled 2-horsepower induction motor that is fully enclosed. The engine is powerful enough for professional use.

The blade is made of Carbon steel that makes it durable with the ability to handle ceramic, marble, and porcelain materials. The blade has a length/diameter of 10 packed with a blade guard slightly longer with a length of 10.5. This blade offers the best depth cut of 3.25

Pearl Abrasive Wet Tile Saw has stainless steel telescoping rail guides that make sure that the cuts done are precisely aligned. It also comes with a water drip tray to contain the mess resulting from the cut, universal wrench and a water pump that ensures there is sufficient cooling and an even water distribution on during the cuts. The stainless steel makes sure there is no corrosion or rusting. It also has a telescoping table sealed to make it long lasting and smooth as well.


  • Portable and easy to move around because of its compact nature

  • The drip tray takes care of any mess that might result from cutting

  • Accuracy of the cuts is spot on and can be used at a professional level because of the stability

  • Feel of the table is smooth and packed with long-lasting features


  • Does not come with angle cuts unless you buy an extra feature of a Miter Block for this purpose

  • No water catch on the table extension

  • Some consider it a little heavier than the predecessors because of the metallic materials used to build it

Features To Look For While Buying A Tile Saw

Features To Look For While Buying A Tile Saw

First of all, tiles cannot be cut using general purpose cutting tools because they do not need a sharp cutting tool like what we use for a metal or wood. This is why there are exclusive cutting tools for tiles like the wet tile saws. They mostly have blades that are coated on the edges with a diamond which is a hard metal.

This diamond coating is used to grind the tiles until they take the required form. Can you use another saw to cut tiles? The answer here is it depends. If you want to do a small cut, then it is possible to use another saw, but for cutting through a tile, you need a special saw.

Going forward, we look at the some of the essential features you must consider while you are online looking for the best tile saw:

Horse Power (Motor HP)

The horsepower of any motor determines the rpm (rotation per minute) of the blade. The most powerful with a higher number signifies a higher number of rpm. In our case choosing the right horsepower will depend entirely on the project at hand.

Lighter projects can be done effectively with 0.5 HP, semi projects can use 1 to 1.5 HP saws, and projects like those of construction sites can use 1.5 to 2.5 HP. So, be wise and choose according to the project you want to accomplish.

The Blade

In the tile world, specific blades are made to cut specific tile materials. Some blades can multifunction on a variety of materials. You need to be sure what is good for you because it will not matter the kind of HP machine you buy.

If it is the best HP in the market with the wrong blade, then it is useless. Most importantly concerning blades, check for ones that can be adjusted to cut different angles and styles.

The Size Of The Saw

What do you want to use your saw for? Is it for industrial use or you just want to fix tiles on your bathroom wall? For industrial use, you are free to choose enormous tile saws that will not need much moving. If you are a professional who moves from place to another, then you will need a compact and yet powerful kind that can be easily transported from one place to another. For home use and small projects, you will need a smaller one. The good news is that the market has high quality and yet compact tile saws.

Tile Size

To avoid disappointment after buying an expensive tile saw. Check out this general formula:

High HP + A Large Table + A large Blade = Can Cut Large + Thick Tiles

Different brands and models offer you various options to choose from. Usually, the specifications are provided online. Some of the best in the market can be adjusted to fit the size you require. So you don’t need to purchase blindly.

The Comfort Factor

You do not want to finish your tile cutting job and then be left with aches in the muscles and your back. Consider your health before a purchase. The design should favor your comfort and convenience. It should have ergonomic features like rubber grip and height adjustable stand or table.

Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Wet Saws

Tips And Tricks To Get The Most From Wet Saws

You must know how to use the saws to benefit from them. Otherwise, you will be very unhappy even with the best the market can provide.

Here are a few tips and tricks to use:

Be Safe

Dust can cause respiratory complications. These saws produce a lot of dust if not used with water. You need to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth to avoid visiting a hospital with the chronic respiratory disease. Do not test the running blade with your fingers. It can leave you fingerless. Wear protective gloves and masks all the time.

Own A First Aid Kit

What happens when you accidentally cut yourself? You need to have a first aid kit close enough to prevent infections and even heal the cut point on your finger. Accidents happen! This rule applies to any motor driven machine.

Water Tub

The best option in this category is the one with a water tub that can carry a lot of water. The small capacity water tubs require frequent refills that might be tiring and demanding.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you are new to cutting tiles, use the rejected tiles to practice your art. When you become better at it, you can go ahead with real work. Creativity comes from a lot of practice. If you own a wet saw, it gives you a good opportunity to practice whenever you wish.

Do Not Push

If you want quality cuts, then avoid by all means pushing the tile into the blade. This act results in cracks and chips on the tiles. Not just that. It can also be damaging to the blade. Don’t be fooled by the quick work that comes out of a push if you are concerned about the durability of your machine. Just hold on the side of the tiles and forward the tile to the blade as much as it lets you.

Ear Protection

Protecting your ears is paramount because these machines usually produce loud and sharp irritating scream during the cutting activity. This sharp piercing noise can cause hearing problems and even worse cause eardrum damage losing your hearing ability. Before you start cutting tiles, put on ear pads or plugs.


In whatever you do, always leave space to have some fun. Put earphones with your favorite music on. Divide your work into manageable portions to avoid fatigue. Do not be hard on yourself when you go wrong on your first project. Seek advice whenever you feel you are stuck. There is plenty of information on YouTube that you can access as well. Just have fun!

Our Best Choice

When you are looking for swift cuts and unmatched accuracy, then Dewalt D24000 is the best tile saw you can count on. It lands as our Editor’s pick as it is packed with an innovative, user-friendly compact design. Its versatile features like dual water nozzles, well-integrated rail system, and powerful 1.5 HP motor and durable build makes it stand out convincingly.

Moreover, it also comes with 1-year free service and 3-years limited warranty. If you are looking for a wet tile saw with great ripping capacity and generous cut depth, then you can rely on the Dewalt D24000. It is well worth your money. Now working on your tile projects will be less strenuous and more fun.

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