Five Best Log Splitter In 2018 You Need To Know

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If you have split and cut a pile of wood with a regular old ax, you will know how difficult and time-consuming it is. Thankfully, the best log splitter can drastically decrease the amount of physical effort required to quickly and efficiently split and cut wood.

Before you go out to the market to purchase a log splitter, you should know that there is a wide variety to choose from. Apart from the costs involved, the wood splitters can be electric, hydraulic while others are manually operated like the innovative modern day axes that are virtually unbreakable and come with superior blade and handle designs.

Remember that all of them are made to meet the one need – splitting wood. To help you figure out which wood splitter is good for you, we present here reviews of the best log splitters that top the chart.

Our Best 5 Picks

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5 Best Log Splitter

Fiskars Iso Core Wood Splitter

Fiskars Iso Core Wood Splitter


This wood splitter promises to help you blast tough logs without sweat. The handle of Fiskars Iso Core has a dual layer of insulating material that helps in absorption of shock and any lingering extra vibration that comes from hard strikes. The shock absorption is two times effective compared to wood handles.

It also has a handle flare that helps the user to have a firm grip while avoiding accidents that might result from swinging. Blisters are reduced significantly by the texture of the handle and the sculpted profile that fits the shape of your hand naturally. The handle length is 36” and more efficient in the hands of tall people.

The ax head of Fiskars Iso Core wood splitter is made of heat treated forged steel which makes it durable and strong. The blade is also coated with a rust-resistant coating which prevents corrosion and rusting. The ax is generally strong and can be struck by other strong tools to force the wedge in through the wood to split it.

It is 8 lb that makes it light compared to the work it does. The Fiskar Iso exceeds international standards for the durability of striking tools. Even in a situation of swinging with maximum force, the handle and the head are inseparable reducing chances of accidents.


  • The Fiskars Iso Core ensures safety of the user by reducing the vibrations you get from striking the tool

  • Muscle fatigue and joint pains are taken care of even when the work is intensive and requires force

  • It has the capability of splitting huge logs of wood

  • The ax is light enabling the body to withstand tough work and a huge load of it

  • You may expect long service because it is made of durable material with minimal maintenance

  • This splitter fits perfectly in the hand grip for comfort and limits vibration


  • The handle length is long and only suitable for tall people

  • Because of its sharpness, it is to be kept away from children (or it can end up causing harm)

Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter

Kindling Cracker Firewood Splitter


The Kindling Cracker Firewood splitter is made of quality cast iron which makes it durable and at the same time safe and powerful giving you years of service. It has a special patent design with a ring diameter of 6.5 inches that helps to balance even the uneven pieces of wood. It also has drill holes on its base to increase its stability, and therefore making it more effective in its working. It weighs about 10 pounds.

This one-of-a-kind splitter comes with premium build and design that can fit in virtually any space. It does not need maintenance because it requires no sharpening or repair. Thus, this advantage makes it a good option to the traditional tools like axes, mauls or hatchets.

The fact that it does not have a sharp edge makes it safe to be around children. The cutting wedge has gaps that can split wood into smaller thumb-sized pieces without messing the place. It requires less force compared to other wood splitting tools because of its structural components.


  • Safe to use compared to traditional axes and can be safe even in the presence of children

  • Easy and fun to use because it does not require energy and technique like other cutting tools

  • Made of cast iron material that is solid that makes it hard and durable at the same time

  • Simple to maintain because it does not need sharpening

  • The mess that comes from splitting firewood is taken care of making it usable in any environment. Can split wood to finger sized pieces

  • It can be used in any space which includes living rooms because of its design


  • With wood that has knots, it is impossible to use this tool

  • Wood with long size is restricted by Kindling Cracker

  • Thicker wood would require splitting with the ax first before running driving the wood down on this splitter

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe

Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe


The Fiskars X27 Super Splitting Axe has an amazing handle that is lighter than wood and yet stronger with 36” length. No wonder, it has a great rating online with literally thousands of reviews. The properties of the handle make it comfortable to use by taller people and can be swung harder and faster to make logs into firewood effectively.

The FiberComp handle is identical to a baseball bat. The handle of this modern ax is made with a non-slip grip ensuring your safety as you chop wood. It also absorbs vibrations that result from hitting wood. The ax weighs less than 9 pounds because of the handle’s properties.

The blade is also exceptional (comes with advanced geometry). It is made of forged steel that is hardened which maintains its edge much better compared to other axes in the market. The blade glides through wood because of the low friction coating on its surface and the extra sharpness it comes with.

Its shape is also unique because the broader side of the blade is beveled towards the edges. It is specially molded such that it is not easy to separate the blade with the handle during your activity. The lightweight design does not affect its durability at all. In spite of all these innovative features, it is indeed affordable.


  • The ax is very light giving the user easy time of swinging harder and faster

  • Safety is assured because the chances of the blade slipping away from the handle are limited and also has non-slip grip

  • Requires less effort compared to traditional axes because the blade is coated with anti-friction properties on its surface

  • The handle cannot be easily broken allowing the user to swing with confidence

  • Its blade can maintain the edges for a long time, and so regular sharpening is not required

  • In spite of the premium properties, it comes with an affordable price tag


  • It is suitable for taller people. The shorter individuals might have the hassle to use the product

  • Its extreme sharpness is dangerous if it comes close to children

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter

Sun Joe LJ10M Logger Joe 10-Ton Manual Hydraulic Log Splitter


This is a hydraulic log splitter which generates power worth 10 tons that quickens wood splitting and does it so easily. It can work on logs that have the length of 18 inches and 6 inches wide effectively. It weighs 87lbs with a hydraulic capacity of 17 gal which serves for lengths of hours to be re-filled. The weight makes it easy to move. It has two-speed pumps that help in quick generation of power, thus saving the time taken to split wood.

The Sun Joe Logger consists of rear wheels which enable the movement from one place to another easier. The machine is made of steel which makes it hard and enables it to function with durability. It has a log cradle that will still keep the wood from falling even after splitting.

This log splitter has a small size, and hence the storage space is easier to find in most houses. It operates efficiently making it easier to use with less effort. This log splitter comes at an affordable price with high profile features.


  • It splits logs faster because of the energy it produces

  • The power is generated quickly and makes wood splitting much easier in a short time due to the inbuilt speed pumps

  • You can store it easily because of its compact size requiring less space

  • The rear wheels on this log splitter helps the users move it easily from one place to another

  • Accommodates large logs and handles most of it without trouble

  • Made of steel, it is durable and will serve for a long time

  • Easy to use and does not require special education to lay hold of its functions with minimal effort as well


  • Back strains are inevitable since the handles are short and the machine is small

  • Some complain about it being too slow to split the wood

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter


The Boss industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter offers power worth 7 tons which is very effective in splitting different kinds of wood. It provides a maximum log size of 20.5 in length and 10 inches in diameter. With all its power you can use a single hand and get great results with green logs and dried logs alike. It has side rails which help in keeping the logs in place without much effort.

This log splitter moves at 10 seconds per cycle with a hydraulic capacity of 1 gallon. It helps in splitting a lot of wood within a short time. The material used to make this log splitter is steel which makes it strong and durable.

It weighs 106 pounds which helps in gripping the ground. The color is dark red with black side rails. With the kind of work it does, it gives you total value for money. Thus, making it the best electric log splitter your money can purchase.


  • You can use a single hand to work with this wood splitter making it a better option for others that need strength

  • When other wood splitters struggle with green wood, this splitter deals with dry and green wood easily. Splitting straight logs is especially effortless

  • You do not have to return the hydraulic ram manually, it is automated and returns by itself

  • It provides a lot of power enabling it to split a variety of logs more easily compared to other electric log splitters

  • It has enough space which allows large logs to pass through

  • The oil leaks do not affect the functionality of the wood splitter and can be improved by the ‘O’ ring


  • When it is working on logs with knots, it splits around the knots making the wood uneven

  • It tends hydraulic oil leaking

  • You have to bend to press the lever if the machine is on the ground

Other Honorable Mention: Wen 56206 6 Ton Electric Wood Splitter

Other Honorable Mention: Wen 56206 6 Ton Electric Wood Splitter


This electric wood splitter has 2-horsepower engine that is copper wound with the ability to use the current used in the household. This power is reliable, and it does the work well with this machine. It produces a force worth 6-tons for splitting that can be very fast.

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors because it has a reasonable size. The push plate which is 4 inch by 4 inches is made of sturdy steel that makes it durable. It has six-inch wheels and two handles that ease mobility. Its lightweight and compact size features make it easy to transport.

This electric wood splitter allows two hand operations are making it safe. You also get a fume-free operation which makes it safe to be used indoors. It also comes with an inbuilt log cradle that supports logs 10” diameter and 20.5” long. The log cradle is made in a way that it is virtually impossible for logs to pop out due to misalignment.


  • Easy to transport because of its wheels and the handles

  • Has a compact shape that can be easily stored

  • The two-handed operation keeps you away from the ram operations for your safety

  • Easy to use and does not require special education to operate it

  • Serves for a long time because of the steel material used to make it if used properly

  • Best machine for modest splitting needs


  • The manual does not give good and clear instructions for the operation of the wood splitter

  • If the valve is not opened during operations or not closed during storage time, the hydraulics can get damaged

3 Ways To Determine The Best Log Splitter To Buy

3 Ways To Determine The Best Log Splitter To Buy

Do I Need One In The First Place?

Wood splitters are a costly investment that will set you back more than $200. This is good if you need the splitter for the regular splitting of a lot of wood. Otherwise, you will need to get a new ax to do the simple splitting. You can now find extreme performance axes that can result in one-strike splits.

What Force Is Needed To Split My Biggest Logs?

The wood you want to split — is it for commercial purposes or home use? How big are the logs? Bigger logs need more power while the smaller ones need less power. If you are going for electric or hydraulic ones, always prefer the one with more power. The power can range from 4-30 tons.

Where Is The Location Of Use?

Gasoline splitters are not good for indoor use because of its obvious negative effects on the body but can be carried to places without electricity. Electric splitters can be used indoors and only operational where there is electricity. Manual splitters like the modern day axes can be operated anywhere.

How To Use A Log Splitter While You Stay Safe?

How To Use A Log Splitter While You Stay Safe?

Burning fossil fuels at home can be an expensive endeavor. Because fuels like gas, coal, and oil do not come cheap, especially if you compare with the costs. However, burning wood is cheaper and could reduce the costs by nearly 50 percent. For you to burn wood, you will need to split them into good sizes that can meet your needs.

Best log splitters can come in handy in this case because they speed up the process, hence saving you time. But while working with a log splitter, here are some essential safety tips to consider:

Space Matters

The first thing you will need is a working room/space and enough ventilation. This space should be about three feet. During operations, make sure all the time that you have given the wood splitter adequate space to work.

Stop The Splitter

Stop The Splitter

When you encounter a problem splitting your wood, make sure you stop the wood splitting first before re-adjusting the piece of wood. Do not try to adjust it while the splitter is operating because it might harm you. All logs are not similar to each other. Some are twisted, others have knots, and others are too easy for you machine.

Protect Your Good Looks

Eyes are important to any person and must be protected by all means especially while splitting wood where pieces of it will be flying all over the place. Find a pair of protective glasses to keep your eyes safe.

Wear The Right Stuff

Your limbs can be at risk while using wood splitters. Wood tends to fall out of the machines and could land on your toes. Ouch! To protect yourself, wear shoes with steel toes to protect your toes; wear long sleeved clothes for the arms and long pants for the legs.

Further protection for your hands will be needed because they are the busiest in the process. You will need to put on gloves that are meant for heavy work like this.

Get Ear Protectors

Get Ear Protectors

Just like industries with generators, you will need to protect your ears from the noise that might damage the interior eardrums. Especially in the case of using splitters that are using gasoline, the noise can be overboard. For the electrically and manually operated splitters, you will not need the ear protectors because they are mostly silent.

The gasoline-powered wood splitters are safe if used outside in the open space. They produce a deadly gas — carbon monoxide, which if breathed into your lungs binds to the blood cells eliminating oxygen.

Your safety is important even as you lift heavy logs. Here are safety tips to protect your back:

  • Always keep your back straight while lifting logs

  • Your support base should be wide

  • Bend at the knee as you lift

  • Let the lifted wood be closer to your body

  • Lift with even and slow motion

  • Do not get creative with log splitters to try and use for other purposes

  • Keep children away during operation of log splitter at all times

Our Best Choice

‘Nice swing, brah’ that’s what you would say to yourself when you have the strength to wield our best choice (editor’s pick) – Fiskars Iso Core. Its perfect blade geometry and lifetime warranty shows the confidence the company has on this product. You can blast even the hardest logs apart with total control and low to no-shock or vibration.

No wonder, over 90% online buyers can’t stop heaping praises on this product (at the time of this writing). You can split both large and small logs with this axe, and it runs like a hot knife through soft butter.

If you want a log splitter at an affordable price, then you can go for this ax. Albeit, our other products on this list are nothing to ignore. In the end, it all depends on your budget, the ease with which you wish to split the logs, and the time you have to do the job.

We hope our buying guide, safety tips, and our choice of products come in handy while you shop online for the best log splitter.

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