Bathroom Mirror – Deciding Aesthetics And Function

Lillian SteinBy Lillian SteinJan 11, 20180
Bathroom Mirror – Deciding Aesthetics and Function

Mirrors and bathrooms are inseparables. Men and women have been using them to admire themselves while getting ready for the day. The most common mirrors in a bathroom are small mirrors on top of the sink, full length ones in the dressing area and the ones with handle extension placed right in the corner of the sink to facilitate shaving.

In short, most of the times bathroom mirror is associated with the practical task of grooming. Of late it is being felt that bathroom mirror is not merely functional but also have a great role to play in the decor of the bathroom.

For those wanting to create a new look in the bathroom, the quickest way is to replace the bathroom mirror. Also for those wanting to create a feel of light and space in the small area, bathroom mirror is indeed the answer.

How To Buy A Bathroom Mirror?

How to Buy a Bathroom Mirror?

It is possible to pick up the mirror for the newly done up bathroom off the shelf. However, little thought needs to be given to aspects like placement, size and shape of the mirror. These things have a greater role to play in selection of the mirror for a small bathroom. Some other aspects to keep in mind while shopping for the mirror include:

  • The budget – This is very important because with the variety that is available it is always easy to get lost and buy something which costs more than what is affordable.

  • The size – Measure the space where the mirror has to be placed. It is better to buy one which is the right size rather than take it back for resizing.

  • Maintenance – Bathrooms mirror is exposed to water and moisture on a daily basis. While a frame less mirror will need to be rubbed with a cloth, one with frame will require regular polishing and upkeep in order to keep it in pristine condition.

  • Finish – Make sure that the finish on the mirror matches with the rest of the bathroom. A country mirror will look beautiful on its own but will be a misfit in a bathroom that is done up in a modernistic style.

  • Installation – Here it is important to understand if the mirror is being installed on a permanent basis or will it be moved in the near future. In case of former a strong glue is enough but in case it needs to be removed, hardware has to be chosen accordingly.

Where To Buy Bathroom Mirrors?

There are many outlets from where the mirror can be bought. For reasons of flexibility, it is advisable to buy bathroom mirror from stores that have an exchange policy. While it might be tempting to buy a piece from the clearance sale or discount store, always keep in mind the return policy.

Buying Contemporary Bathroom Mirror

Buying Contemporary Bathroom Mirror

Though mirror bought from such a store will be cheaper than one bought from a regular store but just in case the product does not look perfect in the bathroom, it will amount to an unnecessary expenditure incurred.

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